When implement live-streaming into your marketing strategy, you give users the opportunity to interact instantly with your content. Live-streaming can draw leads that you haven’t targeted through list-building, because word-of-mouth on social media channels can generate interest from people who normally wouldn’t be reached through written content marketing.

  • Product Launches – Got a new product or service you want to unleash on your market? Tease the launch via live-stream and get a taste of what users think of what is on offering.
  • Q&As – User-driven question and answer sessions offer valuable and actionable information and convey credibility and authority on your brand. And it never hurts to get an influencer in one of these sessions, especially a celebrity.
  • Company Tours – Show users how you develop products and services, and let them sit in on pitch sessions or some other type of “insider” event that offers unique insight.
  • Entertainment – Some brands feature live concerts, company rallies and other entertainment events such as workout sessions (for a fitness brand) or live debate (online political mag).